About Us

The Makers




A fourteen year old inspired to be an illustrator when she grows up. She loves watching anime which reflected in her style of drawing. She draws mainly using alcohol ink markers, and digitally on tayasui sketches. Early this year her artwork at school was chosen to be displayed in Fukuoka City Art Museum, while she attended middle high school in Japan. 


ain jafar


Work at home. Exploring colors and pattern through sewing and painting. Currently enjoying small patwork projects and hand sewing projects. Enjoy tinkering with website, canva. The curator for the studio. Manage the website and the social media accounts as well as fullfilling orders and answering all corresponding e-mails.


How we work

We make lifestyle products through exploration of creativity and colours. The approach in our process are :

  • We enjoy the slow process of creating each item, thus enriches our own life value. When we are happy while making our products, we are sure the outcome while be superb and in return make  you happy too.
  • We use natural fibers such as cotton and linen. We use non-toxic materials for paints,ink and fixatives to ensure they are safe to be touched (or put into mouth) by small children. We make products with our own family and children safety in mind, which we sure will make them safe for you and your family too.
  • Whenever possible we source from local suppliers. When the materials with the quality we require could not be sourced locally, we try our best to get them globally with the best deal and quality.
  • We work more with our hands, meaning we use more manual process and produce in small scale. We are transparent in our work, you can read more about our process and experiments for the items we made from our blog.


Our Value

Our first and foremost value, is enjoying the time we spend at home with our family. Embracing the concept of “rumahku, syurgaku,” we believe what goes on into the home is more important than anything else to build the characters and value our children will hold through out their life. We are on a mission to make safe, natural lifestyle products that endure timeless use in your home.

The idea of a studio was initially a place my kids can safely play and explore as I work on my craft and creative exploration. We want them to freely experiment with their inner creativity, and not be afraid to express their thoughts. We also believe in encouraging kids to work more with their hands. We encourage them to speak out their opinions in creative activities, in hope to build confidence.

We hope the values we embraced in our making process translated into products that are beautiful, enjoyable and endure timeless use in your family.


Our Studio

Currently our studio is basically the store room beside our kitchen in an apartment in Shah Alam, Malaysia. Fareehah also draws anywhere she feels comfortable with.