What we have been up to behind the scenes.

It will be months until we will be back in Malaysia, but we actually have started working on our online shop back. Dusting our online shop as if it is a regular showroom or physical shop. A lot of work to be done that is for sure. When it comes to the website, I am the only one doing the work, from setting, updating, editing and creating the writeup for description, blogposts and the whole website copywriting.

First of all we decided that we need a new look for the website. New layout, new colors to freshen up the look. More cheerful and brighter overall look. More feminine but at the same time bright colors to lift up the mood.  

updating website overall look

Currently we are updating all the  settings such as shipping, payments methods to reflect the current rate and situation. Next we will proceed updating all of our balance inventories and product descriptions. Information to and fro with a family member in Malaysia holding our balance inventories, and it will take some time as she is also working full time with a lot of outstation trips. 

I hope you can bear with us a little bit more, and pray that we will be back in Malaysia as per scheduled and start running Nuno Organics again, your favorite organic cotton fabric store in Malaysia. =)

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