Sewing "BAJU GOMOK" from a free pattern

Summer is approaching really fast here in Fukuoka, and we find our kids in need of sleeveless t-shirts for this hot, humid weather. Since they have been going through a growth spurt too, we decided this would be a great time to make some muscle tees.

After browsing on Pinterest for some ideas on muscle tee, we found the perfect free pattern to try that suits the age of our young son. The finishing was great on the look, and the size was perfect for our son, who is quite lean, whose height is about 102 cm right now. 

Baju Gomok a.k.a muscle tee

My son was wearing a BAJU GOMOK a.k.a the muscle tee made from Jumbrella (available  In our shop as pre-cut packs).


We used a free pattern from the famous  MADE EVERYDAY, and follow her muscle tee tutorial. This free pattern is only for size 4T/5T, so if you are looking for a free pattern in the size, it is a great pattern to try.


The free Muscle Tee pattern which you can download here.

About one yard of knit cotton, or you can use 2 pieces of half yard cut knit fabrics. We used

Jumbrella Knit by Birch Fabrics

Eero Knit by Monaluna

Space cream knit by Birch Fabrics

Leaves Orange Knit by Birch Fabrics

for our son and SUN SOLID KNIT from Birch Fabrics for the neck and armpit ribbings.

BAJU GOMOK in Eero Interlock Knit

Finished BAJU GOMOK in Eero interlock knit


What we love about this pattern

  • The tutorial was pretty straight forward
  • Suit an advance beginner, or anyone who wants to try sewing with knit for the first time.
  • Some useful tips to keep the finishing neat and comfortable to wear.


The finishing we used

For sewing all the seams we used zigzag stitch and larger sized straight stitch. We tried two types of finishing for the armpit area, and find we love it more when we do a top stitch, as opposed of leaving the seams without any topstitch. They just look neater after wash and flat.

armpit area without top stitch

This is how the armpit area look without topstitch.

armpit area with topstitch

The armpit area with topstitch.

neck area topstitching

For the neck we also finished it with top stitching. We used 3.5 mm straight stitch for all of our topstitch.

Bottom hem using zig zag stitch

The bottom of these BAJU GOMOK were hemmed using zigzag stitches.

useful top stitching for armpit insides

We also love this tip to flatten the inner armpit area by adding top stitches to the inline seam at that area. It just make the finishing look so neat, and stays flat when worn!

BAJU GOMOK a.k.a muscle tee

The pattern and tutorial was so easy to follow, we made 4 pieces of these lovely BAJU GOMOK a.k.a muscle tee for our son. You should try them too!

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