We have moved ! New workspace for creating.

It has been a while since I updated any news on this blog. Well, now I can safely said that we have moved back to Malaysia. All our stuff from Japan had arrived safely, alhamdulillah. Most of our belongings have been collected from various location. Due to MCO we are still pending collecting some of our fabric stocks, so hopefully everything goes well and we Malaysian can help flatten the curve of covid-19. Without health, you can do nothing.

About the new workspace.

It's actually a small storage space in our rented apartment, but enough for us to take turns using them for work, meeting, sewing, drawing and painting. Most of art supplies are in plastic boxes, but not much of hassle to move them around when we want to use the art supplies.

This is where I have most of the tools, on a standing table. As you can see, unfortunately the lighting is so bad because we do not have natural lighting inside. The small window just opens to the laundry area, not an actual sunlight. 

At another side another long table which I am currently using for some handsewing project, but will also be used to put my serger later.


What else is new?

I also made some changes to this website. One, as you can see the appearance of this website. Secondly I have added an option for FPX, using BillPlz, which I hope will make it more convenient for you to make a purchase on the website soon!

I am still studying the best provider for logistic, though I have set the standard shipping price according to poslaju Malaysia rates. Hopefully Allah will make ease for us to be back in business and offer you more things from the website.

See you, when we have more updates on the shop, ok?

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