The most easy burp cloths making.

We just love how these burp cloths turned up ! They are so easy to whip up, and so very useful to all the mommies with a newborn.

What is a burp cloth?

burp cloths tutorial by Nuno Organics

A burp cloth is basically a large handkerchief, or wipe cloth that is usually used when nursing a feeding baby. Put a burp cloth under the baby's chin while nursing, on your shoulder while burping the baby, wet the corners to wipe their cheeks once they are full after nursing to prevent milk rashes on their precious, cute cheeks and put it anywhere near the baby to wipe any access milk the baby spit out for the whole day.

We took the burp cloths usage to the next level, as a large multipurpose hankies that we carry around in our carry bag as our baby grows up. A wipe cloth when eating out, to wipe sweaty kids at playground, wipe out dirts and scrapped knees when they play outside at the playground, basically we have used them everywhere we took our kids to. 

Make them in all different design if you want to, or make them with the same design. Your choice. You can choose to back the cloths with any material you want, Terry, flannel, pinky, sherpa, gauze, double gauze, 4 layered gauze, just take your pick, which ever you find most suitable for you to use.

We used double gauze for ours, enough to absorb but still light and thin to carry around everywhere. How to make them? Easy peasy.

You will need :

  • Half yard of fabric for the fancy side
  • Half yard of double gaze for the absorbing side

Yes, and these two pieces of a half yard will make four pieces of burp cloths.

How to make :

Take the first half yard fabric, fold it once into a half, and cut into two. Then take each of those quarter yard fabric, fold it in half and cut again. You will end up with four pieces of fabrics measuring approximately 18 x 11 inches (if you are using a 44" width fabric). Repeat with the backing fabric, and you will be ready to sew them up!

burp cloths tutorial by nuno organics

Now take one front fabric, and one backing fabric, and put them right side together aligning the edges. Take two pins to make about 4 inches opening you will need to turn them inside out later.

Start sewing with a straight stitch about 1/2" from the one end of the 4 inches opening all around the four edges of the fabric and stops at the start of the opening. Don't forget to back stitch when you start and when your reach the opening again. Clip the corners, and turn the fabric inside out, carefully pushing out the corners. Now, sew up the opening by stitching all around four edges about 1/4" from the edge. 

Now you are done! If you have tried this using this tutorial, tag us on Instagram with @nunoorganics or #nunoorganicstutorial . All the best. =)

burp cloths tutorial by nuno organics

burp cloths tutorial by nuno organics


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