My #jomhexies journey part 2 and what we can create from hexies patchwork.

Assalamualaikum and hello again, if you have read the 1st part of my #jomhexies journey. Welcome to the blog if this is your first time stumbling down here. You can read the first part here.

Unexpected opportunity that came with this project.

Let us cut the chase, and move with what we can make with hexies patchwork story. Where should I start? Yes, I was just starting with a few hexies flowers when I received DM on my instagram from one of Kyushu postgraduate students, asking if she can buy a hexies flower to hang on her bedroom wall. A hexies flower to hang on the wall? I first thought. Like dream catcher wall hanging, but hexies flowers? But when I tried to imagine it, yes, why not? Japanese apartments are so small, we can hardly put giant sized interior decoration like a patchwork blanket, but something more miniature would be lovely! So we agreed on the theme colors, and I tried to figure out how to make it work. 

Making a hexies flower wall hanging.

First I made a few hexies flowers that could match the theme colors she had choosen. I thought it should have pretty hexies flowers on both front and back side, so that she can flip it for change of mood. And for the string, something simple would be enough, as to make the patchwork shine as the main masterpiece. So twinkling or shiny beads or strings perhaps not the best choice. After a lot of thoughts, I went with the simple suede string. The hardest decision would be the pairing for the front and back piece. It should be equally attractive and pleasing to the eyes, as both can end up being the front piece. I made my choices and attach the front to the back. Again, the choice of inserting some batting or not? Though I went with no batting, perhaps inserting some batting could be a better choice, to give it some weight. Perhaps.

In total I made three hexies flower wall hangings for her to choose. She picked one, and I still have two hexies flowers I put up on my wall as decor. Just nice for a small space of wall. Will I be making it again if someone requests it? I think I will. Its a small project that requires very small stash fabrics scraps, and I can pratice a lot of creativity in color and pattern matching. But the thoughts put into each step of making this small hexies flower wall hanging requires a lot of time and creativity, and would perhaps do it only for buyers who really appreciate the effort and skills of color and pattern matching.

I was thinking, to spice things up perhaps adding some tails at the bottom or perhaps a small bell if you want to hang it near the window? The possibilities are quite endless.

Things to do with a large hexies patchwork

Before I started doing the #jomhexies project, all I can think of hexies patchwork final piece would be a large, cosy blanket for snuggle. However, as I started working on it I was thinking, would my family be using it? I mean we have a really small space, and everyone already have a light blanket for warmer weather and the thick futons for winter. Should I really turn this into a blanket? I spent a lot of time staring at the large hexies patchwork when I have decided I would stop adding more hexies to it, undecided what to do with it. My husband keep asking, "Is it done yet?" Yes, I know it looked like a work in progress project like forever for him, But he always flatter me by saying its looks beautiful though. 

After a lot of thoughts, and the desire to make my own potholders, I decided to chop off my hexies patchwork. Yes, after all the hardwork of piecing them together, I am chopping them off. I started with the balance of hexies flowers which I have not pieced together with the larger piece of my hexies patchwork. I started planning the designs I can put together with the hexies flowers as backgrounds. The patterns and colors for the binding, and quilting the back piece. It was a great opportunity for me to try out the quilt as you go a.k.a qayg technique for the potholders project. The whole thing was so fun, and it really ignite my love for playing with colors and patterns. Sometimes what I initially imagine would work well could look really dull, so I change the choices I made. I really think the process make me more excited than actually the finished product. I love the process. And when we love the process, it create motivation to continue. When the process is your playground, you look forward to it, and can't wait to get your hands on it. Isn't it? I made about 5 pieces of potholders from the hexies flowers, can you believe it? I am currently using three of it, and keeping the other two as self-housewarming gift when we move in to a new place back in malaysia. Having more than one, means I can wash and rotate when it gets dirty, and also using it as hotpads while serving our food on our dining table. I love making things I made into a multipurpose item. 

My all pinkish hexies potholder. 

After I posted a few pictures of the potholders I made for myself, my sister in law asked if I can make some for her. She leave the choice of colors and theme to me and asked me to quote the price when I am done. (We will pass it to her when we are back, to save on shipping from Japan to Malaysia) Another "surprise me" request, and I love it. So the round two of patchwork potholders making started, and I made three sets of different color theme for her to choose. This time, I really chopped of my hexies patchwork piece. They make a really nice choice for projects like this. I can choose which corners to use, and the outcome was marvellous, and looked really unique. No one piece is exactly the same even though they came from same one big piece of patchwork. Awesome just awesome. I made the potholders in a set of two, and after she had choosen hers, I have another two sets, which I am considering to sell to anyone who would want it, or perhaps gifting it to my other family members or close friends. I don't know, I have not decided yet.

The still undecided potholders set. Anyone wants them?


The potholders set my sister in law had choosen.


On thing leads to another, and I was thinking of incorporating the hexies patchwork into zippered bags. I was starting to organize things to ship back to Malaysia and organizing all the clutters and tools I have after nearly four years in Japan. I made one large zippered bag to put all my sharp tools like scissors, needles and rotary cutter. A simple small sized zippered bag for my stationary between some sewing I made for my family. They are cute, and lovely, and somehow make me feel good about making things for myself. Something like self-reward? Yes.

What else can we make from hexies patchwork? Anything a fabric can do, I guess. I have seen people making it into jackets and skirts, if you are bold enough to wear it outside, try it. My crafter friend, Lin made lots of gorgeous looking cushions. The many variation of bags and pouches means your choice of makes are endless. Sewing machine covers for your craft space. Coasters sets, dinner/lunch mats, will add some characters to your dining area. Large hotpads for your baking trays, Stick it onto a hard surface to be used as mouse pads. Yes anything you can think of.

Will I recommend you to start a hexies patchwork project?

An utterly yes. The repeated hand motion is therapeutic and calming. If you love playing with colors, it just add more fun. Just have fun. Don't put pressure on yourself. It will be an eye opening experience.


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