Inspiring brand stories - a list link

Reading about other business owners has always been fascinating to me. It allows me to feel inspired, to learn and refill my passion for business learning.

Inspiring brand stories series

About two years ago I started to write about some of these women, who are creating their brand and work hard to maintain their brand in Malaysian (and Japan) market. Eventhough I am not blogging on my old blog anymore, I feel it would be a waste, if the story they share are not continuously read by someone who might need them.

So, here they are the link lists of their stories, which I hope you will enjoy read.

1. Bebebundo, pioneer in making genuine leather mocassins for babies.

2. Sewfabby, multitalented sewist and crafter for customized handmade.

3. Cuddle Me Cushion, custom cushion and pillow changing the 'bantal busuk" definition.

4. Janji Beger, Malaysian 1st homemade burger patties in Japan.

5. F.A.R Sews, custom made baby blankets and beddings.

6. Suka Suki Kitchen, Malaysian 1st vegan cooking class in Japan.

7. Leelo Kids, pioneering batik apparels for kids and teens.


I have been having doubts whether I should continue writing about other local brands once we are back in Malaysia. Please let me know what do you think about this series, because I really appreciate any feedback on their stories.

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